Monday, January 14, 2013

Full Time students... part time :)

 Wow! what a whirlwind of a weekend! Tuesday I ended my long christmas break and  drove back up to Bozeman, went to one class on Wednesday morning, flew to Denver with my bestie Nevada on Thursday morning (4 AM is just far too early) Spent the weekend meeting with some great people at the WESA market!! Not to mention searching all over Denver and beyond for tickets to Chancey Williams and Casey Donahue at the Grizzley Rose.... WE GOT EM'!! Spent a day at the Stock show with some great friends, then finished up with a very long delayed flight back to Bozeman on Sunday night... then class this morning at 8! Wowza.... i would love a nap right now, but no rest allowed! we've got some new business ventures to get to work on! :) nighty night folks!
4 AM and getting stared at in the Airport...
Yes we have hats, and that doesn't mean we're blind and cant see you looking at us! 


The amazing hat man himself, Mr. Trent Johnson from Greeley Hat Works!!
ps. keep your eyes peeled for some new "Reata" Styles from GHW!

ummmm Yup..... we know how to stay comfortable... scotch caps and sweats :)

night everyone!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm Back! :)

Its been a little while since i've had the time to post on here! WELL i'm back! :) Many of you know, that i'm now living in Bozeman, MT.... going to school, riding my horses, ya know the usual stuff. I live in a great house with 3 amazing girls! Ceily Highberger, from Red Lodge, MT, Nevada Watt from Coalinga, CA, and Hannah Ballantyne from Sheridan! we call our house the Hen House... (appropriately named). Full of random fun western antiquities and treasures :) so far, we've made many memories, and are sure to make a lot more! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Latigo n' Lace

Marilyn Monroe said, “I don’t mind living in a man’s world, so long as I can be a woman in it.” When I first heard this quote the first thing that came to mind was branding season. I know I know…. Not exactly what most girls are thinking about.
Trotting towards the branding fire, sweeping up two on a big soggy bull calf, stacking the dallies on my mulehide covered horn. It’s just another day in paradise for me.
 It’s not an unusual sight to have several  girls out there showin’ there stuff, showing the boys how its really done. They may have a long braid down their back, lipstick and mascara, painted nails, and maybe even acrylic nails! But their roping ability definitely isn’t what sets them apart. They are in there doing a job, just like everyone else. Being able to show femininity while being tough as nails, is what sets them apart from all the rest. Looking beautiful but being covered in dust from head to toe is a trait that is more than just physical. It’s the aura of confidence that surrounds them.  When asked why I painted my nails and wore lipstick when I know I’m just gonna get all dirty, I replied, “Well if my nails are painted you can’t see the dirt under them, and as for the lipstick, I just think it makes you rope better.” 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Coffee is a Food Group

So as many of you know, Coffee is a food group at the Brannaman house :) it goes with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time, bedtime, pretty much anytime! Anybody who has been to one of my dad's clinics... knows exactly what i mean. By the end of the summer, my horses pretty much know to side pass up to the arena railing without me even asking to grab dad's coffee up. Its their way of saying "COFFEE BREAK!" :) now my friend Nevada, coffee is her lifeline in the morning. Good luck getting anything out of her in the morning, until she gets her cup o' joe. She literally can't function. LOL on that note, i think i'm gonna go make a pot of coffee :) have a great day! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A successful day :)

Had a Fabulous Day!
Spent the day at Sheridan College for the "Border Battle" FFA Sales competition :)
My team took home 2nd place! and I won high individual and a scholarship to Sheridan College :)
Went home and cleaned up all my horses :)
And tomorrow i'm headed to Powell for another Sales competition!
Mom bought a bike today.... no not a actual bicycle :) haha oh goodness mother... what are we going to do with you :)


Monday, March 19, 2012

Life as I know it :)

Hey everybody!
 so this afternoon when I got home from school, i got the crazy idea to start a blog :) so here we go! I'll try to get on here to post pictures and tell everybody about whats going on with my life, and what wild and crazy adventures i'm on! ;)  I'm finishing up my senior year of high school and am VERY ready to be outa there! I'm headed to MSU Bozeman in the fall to join my best friends Nevada and Hannah :) Watch out BOZEMAN!!!!  life is great here at the Houlihan Ranch, mom and I are just doing what we always have done, keeping busy with all the horses and such :) This summer is lookin' like a good one! i'm gonna travel with dad and take several horses and get LOTS of Roping in :) hope everybody enjoys the blog! more to come!